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Agribank - the leading commercial bank in Vietnam

Agribank is the largest bank in Viet Nam in terms of capital, assets, workforce, operating network and customer base. As of December 2013, the leading role of Agribank has been confirmed by:

Total asset: VND 705,365 billion

Total fund resource: VND 626,390 billion

Equity: VND 29,605 billion

Total outstanding loans: VND 530,600 billion

Operating network: 2,300 branches and transaction offices nationwide

Personnel: 40,000 staffs

Agribank has always focused on the innovation and application of banking technology in favour of business administration and the development of an advanced banking services network. Agribank is the first bank to accomplish the Project “Intra Payment and Customer Accounting System” (IPCAS) funded by the World Bank. The finalised IPCAS has enabled Agribank to provide local and foreign customers with modern banking products and services with extensive safety and accuracy. At present, Agribank is serving millions of households and enterprises.

Agribank is one of the banks in Viet Nam who have the largest number of correspondent banks with 1,026 correspondent banks in 92 countries and territories.
Agribank is currently taking the Chairmanship of Asia Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) in term of 2008-2010, and also a member of International Agricultural Credit Confederation (CICA) and Asian Bankers Association (ABA). Agribank has hosted a number of big international conferences, i.e., FAO Conference in 1991, APRACA Meeting in 1996 and 2004, CICA International conference on agricultural credit in 2001, APRACA Meeting on fishery in 2002.

Agribank is the leading bank in Viet Nam in receipt and implementation of foreign projects. In the context of economic volatility, Agribank has received 136 projects from the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), French Development Agency (AFD), European Investment Bank (EIB), etc. with the total fund of over USD 5.1 billion. Apart from this, Agribank has continuously got accessed to and attracted new projects: Financing Agreement with European Investment Bank (EIB) phase II; Rural Finance Project III funded by World Bank, Biogas Project funded by ADB; JBIC Project by Japan; Small rubber farming project funded by AFD.

Apart from business activities, as a big enterprise, Agribank has shown its corporate social responsibilities towards the nation’s social welfare program. Resolution 30a/2008/NQ-CP by the Government on rapid and sustainable poverty reduction supporting program for 61 poor districts in 20 provinces, Agribank has sponsored VND 160 billion to Muong Ang and Tua Chua districts of DienBienProvince. Agribank provided 2,188 gratitude houses in 2009, as of August 2010, Agribank also funded 41 blocks of 329 rooms, 40 sanitary quarters, 40 warter supplies, 40 kitchens, 9,000 m2 of concrete yard and other equipments for 38 schools of these two districts.    In addition, Agribank funded the buiding up of hundreds of gratitude houses over the country; provided passbooks for late - servicewomen solders with hard life; also funded for surgery of heart-disease children, funded for Hospital construction and historical monuments embellishment. Annually, Agrbank’s employees support salary of 04 working days to welfare funds such as: Fund for the poor, Fund for Children Saving, …. In 2011, Agribank has sponsored over VND 200 billion, and VND 333 billion in 2012 and VND 400 billion in 2013 for charitable activities.

On the occasion of 21 years of Agribank anniversary (26 March 1988 – 26 March 2009), Agribank was of great pleasure to welcome the visit of His Excellency Mr. Nong Duc Manh. He highly appriciated the great effort of Agribank and emphasized that the bank should be fully awared and well done the Dicision 26-NQ/TW in the direction  “Strongly change on mechanism, Improve the spirit and material life for the farmer”.

With the position of a leading commercial bank in Viet Nam, Agribank has shown its great efforts, reaching encouraging achievements, and contributing greatly to the nation’s industrialisation and modernisation as well as economic development.

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