Established on 26 March 1988 under the name of Agricultural Development Bank of Vietnam.
Renamed Vietnam Bank for Agriculture. 
Implemented loans for the household economic sector under Directive 202/CT dated 28 June 1991 by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.
Proposed establishment of the Bank for the Poor (now called the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies) – a separate entity from the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture.
Renamed Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.
Awarded the title of ‘Labor Hero of the Doimoi Era’ by the Party and the State.
Deployed Intrabank Payment and Customer Accounting System (IPCAS) at Agribank branches nationwide.
Opened first representative office abroad - Representative Office in Cambodia.
Obtained Vietnam Gold Star Award.
Ranked by UNDP as the largest enterprise in Vietnam.
Awarded the ‘Second-Class Independence Medal’ by the Party and the State. 
Took up Chairmanship of the Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit
Association (APRACA).
Top 10 Vietnam Gold Star Award.
Recognized as the first bank to be awarded the ‘Top 10 Vietnam Gold Star’s Award twice.
Officially kicked off the IPCAS II, connecting online all 2,300 branches and transaction offices.
Named in top 10 of the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.
Opened first branch abroad – Branch in Cambodia.
Converted into a State-owned one-member limited liability company
The only bank in the top 10 ranking of 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam - VNR 500
25th anniversary of the establishment, honorably received the Third-Class Labor Medal from the Government.
Implemented Restructuring Plan with the aim of continuing to play a key role in the system of credit institutions in Vietnam.
The only bank in the top 10 ranking of 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam - VNR 500.
Completion of the Restructuring Plan with the achievement of most set targets: fulfilled both political tasks of a state-owned commercial bank leading in the implementation of policy credit and Social security while ensured business efficiency in the context of integration and increasingly fierce competition.
Total assets of Agribank reached more than VND 1 million billion; 
The leading bank in the system of commercial banks in Vietnam according to ranking of 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam - VNR 500.
Awards: Best Bank in Southeast Asia's Rural Agricultural Development, Best Bank in Southeast Asia Social Security, and Bank with the largest ATM network by Global Banking and Finance Magazine; Bank with Best Microfinance Product in Vietnam by the Asian Banker’s.
Total assets exceeded VND 1 million billion;
Awards: Top 10 reputable Vietnamese commercial banks in 2017; Top 50 Vietnam The Best by VNR500 ranking; Sao Khue Award 2017 for Online Tax Payment Gateway (AGRITAX); Sao Khue Award 2017 for Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System (CBPS); Vietnam strong brand;  The “Leading bank in terms of growth of card revenue” awarded by JCB International Credit Cards Organization; STP Award by Bank of New York Mellon, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan.
Total assets reached nearly VND 1.3 million billion, mobilized capital reached over VND 1.2 million billion, total outstanding loans and investments reached over VND 1.1 million billion, of which the proportion of outstanding loans for agriculture and rural areas was 73.6%. 
Awards: First-class Labor Medal;  Top 50 Vietnam The Best by VNR500 ranking (ranked 7th among 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam);  National Brand 2018; Sao Khue 2018 Award for excellent IT System/Software in the banking and financial sector; The 2018 Elite quality recognition award by J.P.Morgan Bank;  Top 3 leading banks in the card market; Ranked 465 in the Top 1000 World Banks Ranking  2018 by The Banker, etc.
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