2018 is identified as a significant year in the roadmap for implementing the Business Strategy in the 2016-2020 period with a vision to 2030. This is also the year that Agribank celebrates its 30th anniversary. Agribank's goal is to maintain its position as the leading commercial bank in Vietnam operating under the model of joint-stock commercial bank in which the State holds a controlling stake; have a modern technology foundation, advanced management model, and sound financial capacity; maintain safe, efficient, stable, and sustainable development; maintain its key role in investment, development assistance, and the provision of financial and credit services for agriculture and rural areas.
Agribank will continue to take firm steps, operate its business in a secure manner, achieve the set objectives, fulfill the political tasks assigned by the Party and the State, contribute positively to the implementation of monetary policy, improving business investment climate, promoting economic growth, especially in economic development of agriculture and rural areas. 
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