Agribank is the biggest commercial bank in Viet Nam with an operating network of 2,300 branches and transaction offices nationwide which have been connected online. With the leading role in rural and agricultural financial market, Agribank has paid attention to expand its operating network to districts and communes in order to facilitate the customers around the country to get access to bank loans easily and safely. The customer base of Agribank now includes over 10 million farm households and 30,000 enterprises. The nationwide network has created Agribank advantage in improving the competitiveness in the challenging integration process.


To meet the demand for import-export payment of local and foreign customers, Agribank has focused on expanding the correspodent relations with other banks. So far, Agribank has 1,034 correspondent banks in 95 countries and territories. Agribank signed agreements with Phongsavanh Bank - Laos, Acleda Bank - Cambodia, Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Bank of China (BOC), China Construction Bank (CCB), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on cross border payment from which customers and all parties benefit.


Apart from 2,300 branches and transaction offices, as a leading commercial bank in Viet Nam, Agribank has 8 subsidiaries: Financial Leasing Company No. 1 (ALC 1), Financial Leasing Company No. 2 (ALC 2), Viet Nam Agribank Gold Corporation Jsc. (AJC), Printing, Trading and Banking Service Company, Securities Joint stock Company (Agriseco), Tourism and Trading Company (Agribank Tours), Ho Chi Minh City Gold, Silver and Gemstone Company (VJC), Agribank Insurance Joint stock Corporation (ABIC).

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