ADB forecasts Vietnam's growth to reach 7.1% in 2018
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasts that Vietnam’s growth in 2018 will reach 7.1%.

(Updated at 9:40, 13/3/2018)
Truong Van Phuoc, Acting Chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Commission, said that the CPTPP is a stimulant for Vietnam's economy in general and the stock market in particular.
(Updated at 9:38, 22/1/2018)
According to information recently announced by the General Department of Customs, in 2017, Vietnam-China trade reached USD 93.69 billion. With the results in 2017 and the growth rate in recent years, it is likely that in 2018, Vietnam-China bilateral trade will reach USD 100 billion for the first time in 2018 and China will be the first trading partner to make this record.
(Updated at 16:22, 19/1/2018)
For the whole year 2017, export turnover is estimated at USD 213.77 billion, an increase of 21.1% compared to the previous year, this is the highest increase in many years.
(Updated at 16:4, 17/1/2018)
GDP growth in 2018 is forecasted to increase by 6.8%, driven by strong manufacturing activities. The manufacturing sector is also expected to hit double-digit growth in 2018 with the support of FDI inflows and greater demand for electronics globally.
(Updated at 14:49, 17/1/2018)
If SBV and Governor Le Minh Hung are able to stay the course with an undervalued but slowly appreciating VND for twenty or even thirty years, Vietnam would become the long-awaited fifth Asian tiger, Forbes said.
(Updated at 12:39, 4/1/2018)
In 2017, import-export turnover reached USD 400 billion, an increase of 21%, the highest level in many years. In 2018, with tariffs abolished for many commodities, Vietnam’s goods have more advantages but also will be subject to direct competition from other countries.
(Updated at 9:58, 27/12/2017)
This is the opinion of the National Financial Supervisory Commission when macroeconomic stability is maintained, inflation is forecast at about 3.15%.
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