Individual Customers
International Visa/Masterdebit cards
(Updated at 10:21, 15/9/2010)
Visa/Master card issued by Agribank allows individual cardholders to use cards in scope of payment account balance and/or overdraft limit in order to pay for goods, services, withdraw/advance cash and other services at ATM, EDC/POS worldwide or through internet transactions.

  Detailed Information

There are 02 Classes of Card:

-         Debit Classic

-         Debit Gold


-         Customers can withdraw/advance cash at ATM, EDC/POS at counters and other cash advance points world-wide (VND in Viet Nam and other currencies in other countries) 

-         Customers can pay for goods and services at EDC or through the internet (please download application form for internet transactions here)

-         Customers can get account balance inquiry at ATM, EDC/POS at counters

-         Customers can change PIN code at ATM, EDC/POS at counters

-         Customers can transfer at ATM, EDC/POS at counters

-         Customers can deposit to EDC/POS at counters

-         Customers can get statements at ATMs, EDC/POS at counters

-         Customers can pay bills and buy prepaid cards

-         Customers can use Mobile Banking: balance change, A transfer, recharge for prepaid mobile, payment of mobile phone contracts, Vnmart e-pocket

-         Customers with stable income are granted an overdraft limit up to VND 30 million with a term of maximum 12 months

-         Customers get free card holder accidents insurance worldwide with the insured coverage up to VND15 million/card when satisfying Agribank conditions

-         Customers get demand interest on their payment accounts

-         Account and personal information is kept confidential

 Conditions for issuance

For main card holders

Customers are Vietnamese citizens or foreign residents in Viet Nam with duly civil capacity and civil responsibility as stipulated by the law, having an a payment account opened at Agribank

Customers agree to comply with regulations on Agribank international cards issuance, management, utilisation and payment.

Customers agree to sign the card using contract with Agribank

Individual customers applying for overdraft must have stable incomes and guarantee the debt payment within overdraft term and use the payment accounts opened at Agribank branch where they apply for overdraft for salary payment and social allowances

Main card holders may issue up to two (02) supplement cards

 For supplement card holders

Customers with duly civil capacity as stipulated by applicable law; or with civil capacity and from 15 years of age to under 18 years of age and accepted by their representatives in law for card use

Customers agree to comply with regulations on Agribank international cards issuance, management, utilisation and payment.

Supplement card holders are guaranteed by main card holders for all liabilities arising with regard to card use.

Card issuance procedures

Application form for banking service use

Copy of ID card or passport

One 3x4cm photo taken within the last 6 months

Card use contract

Salary or social allowances certificate by relevant organisations (if applying for overdraft)

Please click here to download international debit card application form

Transaction limit

Unit: VND



Debit classic

Debit gold

At counters


Debit classic

Debit gold

Withdrawal limit/day/card



No limit

Not applicable

Transfer limit/day/card



Withdrawal limit/transaction

Max 5,000,00       

Min 50,000                                

No of withdrawals / day

No limit

Deposit to account

Not applicable

Payment for goods and services/day/card

Not applicable



Overdraft limit

Max 30,000,000

Transaction limit at ATMs and EDC/POS of other banks: As per regulations of Agribank and the paying bank.

Note: The payment limit at EDC can be changed as per request by customers and not exceeding 50% of daily transaction limit for debit card.

(Please click here to download the form for payment limit at EDC)

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