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(Updated at 16:55, 14/7/2010)
L/C advice is a service offered by Agribank whereby after receiving the L/C or L/C amendment from foreign bank, Agribank notifies its customer (operating in international export business) after reviewing and authenticating the document.



-          Convenient, cost savings for import trading partners and increase competitiveness of Vietnamese export companies

-          The authenticity of the L/C or L/C amendment is verified quickly and accurately by Agribank’s global network of correspondent banks

-          Notify L/C directly to customers in any location across the country through Agribank extensive branch network

-          Agribank provides advice on payment terms to ensure safe collection of payment


Special offer


-          When using Agribank export documentary collection service, customers can also use Preferential loans for export activities and other Agribank’s offers.




-          Fees apply according to current Schedule of Fees and Charges of Agribank


Delivery channels


-          Agribank branches/transaction offices.


Technology applied


-          Agribank uses automated accounting system.

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