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International MasterCard of Agribank
(Updated at 9:38, 21/9/2010)
International credit card MasterCard issued by Agribank to individual customers authorized to used by the enterprise is used and accepted for payment on global scale with the facilities of advancing money, purchasing goods and service in advance and post -payment which brings about favourableness to clients any time, anywhere.

 Type of Card: International MasterCard of Agribank has only one credit limit:

-    Gold Credit (MasterCard).


-  Customers can withdraw/advance cash at ATM, EDC/POS at counters and other cash advance points world-wide (VND in Viet Nam and other currencies in other countries) 

-  Customers can pay for goods and services at EDC or through the internet (please download application form for internet transactions here)

 -  Customers can book for accommodation, air ticket, and travel tour and so on

-   Customers can get account balance inquiry at ATM, EDC/POS at counters

-  Customers can change PIN code at ATM, EDC/POS at counters

-  Customers get free card holder accidents insurance worldwide with the insured coverage of VND15 million/card when satisfying Agribank conditions

-  Customers enjoy competitive interest of lending via credit card and are free of interest for all payments made for goods, service for 45 days when making payments for all outstanding loans upon maturity.

 Term of Use

-    Corporate Customer authorizing card issuance must be legal entity or member unit of legal entity

-    Customer (individual) who undersigns to apply for card issuance must be legal representative of the enterprise.

-    Customer must have demand savings account with Agribank.

-    Customers agree to comply with regulations on Agribank international cards issuance, management, utilisation and payment and regulations on loan guarantee of the Government, the State bank of Viet Nam and Agribank
-   Target customers are prestigious, have sound financial situation and no overdue loan with Agribank and other credit institutions

-    Customers agree to sign the card using contract with Agribank

 Card issuance procedures

-        -     Application form for international card issuance for corporate

-        -     Copy of ID card or passport of individuals authorized by the enterprise to use card

-       One 3x4cm photo taken within the last 6 months of individuals authorized by the enterprise to use card

-       Card use contract

-       Loan guarantee documents

-       List of individuals authorized to use card

Please click here to download international credit card application form for enterprises.


 -   Credit line and transaction limit:
                                                                                                                                                            Unit: VND

Credit line

From over 50,000,000 to 300,000,000

Transaction limit

Cash advance/day/card


Payment for goods and services/day/card


Transaction limit at ATMs and EDC/POS of other banks: As per regulations of Agribank and the paying bank.

Note: The payment limit at EDC can be changed as per request by customers and not exceeding 50% of daily transaction limit for debit card.

(Please click here to download the form for payment limit at EDC)

- Cash advance limit: equivalent to a half (1/2) of granted credit line

- Limit for payment of goods and services: equals the remaining granted credit limit minus cash advance limit already used and not yet repaid in the period.

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