Individual Customers
Account balance inquiry
(Updated at 10:29, 15/9/2010)
Account balance inquiry applied to individual customers for checking their Agribank account balance by an SMS.



Customers can check their Agribank accounts balance at any time and any where (in mobile phone coverage) with an SMS as instructed

Customers can use SMS Banking software for time saving and cost reducing

 Service number: 8149

 Account used: Demand deposit account

 Fees collection

Collected by the telecom company: Customers pay VND 1,000 per text message sent to 8149

Collected by the bank: free of charge


First registration is compulsory. Customers will go to Agribank’s network where their accounts are opened to register the balance inquiry service

Registration is made once only. If customers want to change their information such as mobile number or account number, they should  register for change.

This will not required for the customers of  first registration.

 Scope of service: within Viet Nam


Step 1: Registration at Agribank’s network

Step 2: SMS for activation: VBA DK 2

Step 3: SMS for Balance inquiry: VBASD


Agribank uses the advanced processing system automatically for safety and accuracy.

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