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Charging eletronic wallet VnMart
(Updated at 10:52, 15/9/2010)
The service enables individual clients charge eletronic wallet VnMart (to purchase goods online) from their Agribank’s account by sending SMS from their cellphone. Vn Mart is prepaid card model jont - issued by VNPAY and other firms. VN Mard can be used for on-line payment upon purchasing goods on website of enterprises.


-    Service number:     8049
-    Currency: VND
-    Limit: maximum VND 2 billion per day
-    Topping up denomination: following relevant regulations of Ministry of Post and Telecommunications


-    Clients may charge their Vn Mart wallet from their Agribank’s accounts any time, any where (with the coverage of telecom wave) by sending message from cell phone.

-    Vn Mart can be used for purchasing and making payment for goods being on sale online

-    Clients may use SMS Banking software to replace manipulation of composing messages so as to save time and cost.


Charged by the telecommunications company:  To number 8049:

-   VinaPhone and Sfone: Free message

-    Viettel, MobilePhone, EVN: 500 VND per message

 Charged by the bank: Free of charge for all transactions


-    Initial registration is compulsory (Customer who has already registered for the first time shall not take this step)
-    After handling registration, customers active the service by sending SMS


  - Using password is optional and only one password is used for paying in mobile prepaid subscriber number (VN Topup) and prepaid card agent, charging electronic wallet VnMart.

 Scale of Use: within the country

 Directions for Use:

  -   Step 1:  Clients handle registration of Mobile Banking service usage at Agribank’s branches/transaction offices.
-    Step 2:  Activate the service by composing SMS: VBA DK 3
-    Step 3:  Set password     MK NOP [password]

-    Step 4:  Charging syntax:    NAP <space> {denomination}  <space> [Telephone number/VnMart card number/Nickname]     <space>[password]


-    Agribank utilizes automatic processing system to ensure the highest accuracy and safety.

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