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Fixed term deposit with periodical interest payments
(Updated at 17:28, 5/7/2010)
Domestic and foreign enterprises (established and operating under the provisions of laws) can choose to use Agribank “fixed term deposit with periodical interest payments”. This is a deposit product that customers determine term of the deposits and interest is paid periodically.

Main features

-    Term: in selected months: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and > 24 months
-    Currencies: VND, USD and EUR
-    Minimum balance: VND 1,000,000, USD 100, EUR 100.
-    Deposit: One-off deposit at counter of branch/transaction office
-    Withdrawal: One-off withdrawal of principle and interest at counter branch/transaction office

-          Withdrawal at maturity: entire amount of principle and interest is paid

-          Early withdrawal: Agribank will recover the entire amount of interest paid; demand-deposit rate is applied for actual deposit amount and time.

-          Late withdrawal: demand-deposit rate is applied for the number of days beyond the maturity date

-          Fees: Penalty for early withdrawal is applied (customers make withdrawal within 07 working days from the deposit date), service charges are according to the current Schedule of fees and charges of Agribank.

-          Interest: rates available on selected terms or by agreement with customers
Interest calculation: Interest = Principal amount x interest rate (%p.a.)/12 x nr. periodical months

-          Interest payment: interest paid periodically (1, 3, 6, 12 months)



-          Customers can make early withdrawal

-          Balances on deposit accounts are allowed to use as borrowing security or loan guarantee for the 3rd person at any Agribank branches or other financial institutions.

-          Passbook can be use by customers as financial certificate or use as security for loans for relatives’ study/work abroad.

How to apply

Apply at Agribank branches/transaction offices, documents included:

-          Customer account information form

-          Fixed term account opening request or an agreement between customer and Agribank

-          Papers demonstrating that business was established under the provisions of the law

-          Papers proving the lawful representative of the account holder, authorized person, the chief accountant or person in charge of accounting.

-          Tax file number (if any)

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