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Certificate of long term deposits with full interest paid in advance
(Updated at 9:31, 20/7/2010)
This is one of the 6 long term valuable papers (more than 1 year) issued by Agribank, in which all customers including Vietnamese residents, Vietnamese living abroad, foreigners residing and legally operating in Vietnam or foreigners doing business in accordance with Vietnamese Law, can invest.


-          Registered certificate: the certificate which shows name of the owner.

-          Bearer certificate: the certificate without name of the owner, Bearer certificate is belonged to the holder.

-          Account opening: the certificate issuing branch will open a certificate account for the owner and give the owner a certificate confirming the certificate account.


Main features

-    Term: at least 1 year
-    Currency: VND, foreign currencies.
-    Minimum value: 100.000 VND, 100 USD or equivalent in other currency.
-    Maximum value: VND 1 billion, 100,000 USD or equivalent in other currency. 


Principal Payment

-          The principal payment shall be made to customer at the Agribank’s counter where the certificate was issued or at any Agribank’s other counters (for the bear certificate only).

-          Payment at maturity: The principal shall be fully paid to customer at maturity.

-          Payment after maturity: If at maturity, the customer will not receive the principal payment, Agribank will not renew for another term, the principal shall bear the current demand interest rate for the period after maturity. Interest shall be calculated and paid to customer upon his/her receipt of principal payment.

-          Prepayment: Agribank will not apply prepayment.



-          Interest rate adjustment method: fixed interest rate.

-          Interest calculation: Interest = Face value* interest rate* term of certificate

-          Interest payment: the interest is calculated and paid as soon as customer buys Certificate of long term deposits


Investment method:

The customer can buy the certificate of long term deposits with full interest paid in advance at the counter of Agribank’s branches.

(Information about the address of Agribank branches and transaction offices could be searched here).


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