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Discount, rediscount of bonds issued in accordance with provisions of the Government
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Agribank provides the service “discount, rediscount of bonds issued in accordance with provisions of the Government” for business customers who are owners of of those valuable papers, including Vietnamese and foreign organizations.

Main features


-          Type of currency: VND, foreign currencies

-          Type of valuable papers for discount and rediscount: Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, Bonds for central Government’s projects, Investment bonds, Foreign currency bonds, Government bonds for the construction of Motherland; Bonds guaranteed by the Government; Bonds of local Government

-          Types of discount and rediscount: discount, rediscount for the entire remaining term of valuable papers or time discount, rediscount

-          Discount, rediscount level: maximum up to 15% of Agribank’s equity


Discount, rediscount price


-          Agreed upon based on the value of the valuable papers at their maturity date, the discount interest rate, rediscount interest rate and the remaining term of valuable papers


Discount, rediscount term


-          Agreed upon but shall not be in excess of the remaining term of valuable papers




-          One-off payment at maturity

-          When those valuable papers become due, Agribank’s branch shall present them to the issuing organizations for payment

-          By the end of the discount, rediscount term, if customers fail to perform the repurchase of  valuable papers, Agribank branch will become the lawful owner of the papers and is entitled to all benefits arising from those valuable papers


Delivery channels


-          Branches/transaction offices, ATM’s of Agribank nationwide or automated channels (E-banking)


Technology applied


-          Agribank uses automated system (IPCAS) to track customer information, accounts, amounts of interest payment, etc. with the highest security and accuracy.

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