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Insurance for international cardholders
(Updated at 9:12, 21/9/2010)
Agribank provides service of “Insurance for international cardholder” applied for individual customers who are international cardholders (debit card of standard and gold class, credit card of standard, gold and platinum class) issued by Agribank. Agribank pays insurance fees under the terms and conditions of Insurance Rules for international cardholders.

Detailed Information:

Insurer: Agribank Insurance Joint stock Company (ABIC)

 Scope of insurance: The insured inside and outside of Viet Nam

 Benefits of Insured: Apart from Insurance Premium, cardholders of Platinum class will receive the advisory and support as being outside of Vietnam such as information of journey or  health relief.

 Insurance  Premium: Maximum VND 15,000,000 for cardholders of standard and gold class, credit cardholder; USD 5,000 and USD 3,000 for plantium primary and supplementary cardholder, respectively.


- Standard and gold class: VND 30,000/2 years/card

- Plantium class:   VND250,000/2 years/card for primary

                              VND 150,00/2  years/card for supplementary

Insuration duration: 24 months from the activated date of international card in the system.



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