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(Updated at 9:51, 21/9/2010)
Customers who are Vietnamese or foreign enterprises may become Agribank’s merchant in order to get the payment service fastly and acurately, and attracting more customers, increasing sales and competitiveness.

Benefits of the participation in Agribank’s EDC network:

-         Attracting over 4 million Agribank’s card holders and other local and foreign customers.

-         Diversifying payment means and increasing sales

-         Being provided free of charge with equipment and bills for card payment

-         Simple procedures, fast payment process

-         Accepting different types of card such as Success, International Visa card, International MasterCard.

-         Enjoying the most compatible discounting rate (Click to Terms and Conditions for card services to see the discounting rate)

-         Having no concerns about counting, transferring and preserving money

-         Being supported in staff training

-         Enhancing the trade mark by participating in Agribank’s advertisement and promotion programs.

-         Borrowing for business expansion

 Conditions for participation

      -         Having business registration documents under the requirements of laws

-         Having legal and convenient business location and healthy financial situation.

-         Appropriate infrastructure meeting the requirements of card payment: Internet line, environment for setting up EDC equipment (that is provided free of charge by the Bank to its card merchant)

-         Being not named in the list of Banknetvn or International Card Institutions as card merchant of high risk level or units with whom the card merchant contract has been terminated.  

-         Opening demand deposit account with Agribank.

 Procedures for participation: very simple, including:

-         A copy of business license

-         Registration form for the participation in card merchant network

-         The contract of card merchant

 Click here to download the file for registration

 Guidelines for EDCs

 ·        As soon as participating in the EDC network, the unit will receive the document of “manual for EDC” that provides the basic knowledge and manipulation over the EDC/POS

 Program on Anti-additional fee:

Additional fee is the amount of money that the EDC charges additionally to the customer making card transaction, revealing the differential treatment between the card payment and other payment methods

Process on Anti-additional fees:

 Charging additional fees and treating differentially to the card payment transactions are contrary to the regulation of the State Bank of Viet Nam and the International Card Institution, being the critical violation under the Item g, provision 8.2.2 of the card merchant contract signed between the unit and Agribank. Therefore, upon receiving Agribank’s notice requesting the unit to stop charging additional fees and applying differential prices, the unit must thereto effectuate the request before the date stated in the bank’s notice.

 Based on the investigation carried out by the international card institution, the EDC which has not stopped charging additional fees shall be ceased the contract for the period of 360 days from the stated date (Note: During the ceasing period of the contract between the EDC and our branch, no commercial bank could enter into card merchant contract with the EDC, according to the regulations of the International Card Institution)

 The EDC that is in the contract ceasing period and desires to resume the business as a card merchant must hand in a deposit of VNĐ 5 million to the bank.

 Within 180 days from the deposit date, if the unit stops charging additional fee, the deposit will be returned, otherwise the deposit will not be returned.

 The EDC should strictly avoid charging additional fee or applying differential prices to the card transactions in order to maintain a good relationship between the EDC and the bank.

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