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Domestic cheque collection
(Updated at 13:44, 20/7/2010)
Agribank provides enterprise customers with "domestic cheque collection" service for cheques issued by other institutions. The amount of the cheque will be credited on account of the customer upon acceptance or payment by that institution.

Main features


-          Cheque can be encashed or used for fund transfer

-          There are two types of cheque:

  • Paycheque into account: the beneficiary cannot accept cash. This limits risks for improper payments to beneficiaries.
  • Crossed cheque: customers can limit the scope of the cheque payment for a certain bank or a certain payee that has an account at that bank.




-          Low costs

-          Safe, comfort, avoiding concerns of using cash

-          Customers can strengthen the solvency of the cheque by asking Agribank to verify that sufficient funds exist in the account to cover the check (certified cheque).

-          Thanks to a wide network of over 2,200 branches nationwide and IPCAS system that allows fast online bank transfer, transaction time is shorten significantly. Customers can present the cheque at any branch of Agribank for payment.

-          Agribank actively contacts with institutions to ensure to update customers with status of the cheque in earliest time

-          Customers can present the cheque for collection at any branch of Agribank in Vietnam




-          Fees and charges apply according to current Agribank Schedule of Fees and Charges


How to apply


-          Complete “List of cheques for settlement”


Delivery channels


-          Branches/transaction offices, ATM’s of Agribank nationwide or automated channels (E-banking)


Technology applied


-          Agribank uses automated system (IPCAS) to track customer information, accounts, amounts of interest payment, etc. with the highest security and accuracy.


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