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Outward remittance for payment
(Updated at 12:37, 14/7/2010)
Outward remittances are the transfer and payment of funds in accordance with the customer’s (remitter's) instructions to pay foreign partner for import and export goods, investments, loans, service charges, etc., on the basis that full set of documents are presented.



-          Money is transferred quickly and accurately through the SWIFT system

-          Customers can request transfer in any currency

-          Agribank’s correspondent bank network of over 1,000 banks across the globe will ensure that customers are advised of the best suitable foreign banks

-          Agribank promptly meets the demand for foreign currency payment needs of customers. Customers can request to remit in multiple currencies to many different countries

-          Low-cost method of remittance

-          Customers take advantage of foreign capital in the event of post payment

-          Customers can agree upon prices that are lower than other forms of payment


Documents required


-          Signed outward remittance request form and remittance instruction (according to pre-printed form of Agribank)

-          Set of documents produced according current regulations on foreign exchange management and non-cash payment of the State Bank of Vietnam




-          Fees apply according to current Schedule of Fees and Charges of Agribank


Delivery channels


-          Agribank branches/transaction offices.


Technology applied


-          Agribank uses automated accounting system.

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