Debt Securities, equity securities and others
(Updated at 16:38, 11/8/2010)
This service is applicable to Operations Centre of the State Bank, securities companies, securities exchange.

Main features:


-          Debt Securities: the drawer has obligation to complete committed undertakings with the holder under terms and conditions of payment period, principal amount, interest … (bond, government bond, government – guaranteed bond…)

-          Equity securities: establish proprietary right of the holder against a company (stock, preferable stock, funding certificate…)

-          Others: like debt and equity securities but insufficient

-          Basis price: buying price + buying cost (if any)

-          Buying price: is the actual cost to buy the securities

-          Selling price: the money amount Agribank gain when selling securities.


Investment form:


-          Registration for participation in the bidding through open market operations with Agribank’s Operations Centre, registered contents include: the papers to purchase; term of valuable papers, amount for buying and selling based on payment price, the date of issuance of valuable papers; Periodic interest payments of valuable papers.

-          Bidding for bonds through Operations Centre, Securities Trading Centre: Fill in application including details: type of bond, amount, issuing date of bond,


Distribution channel/ Contact:


-          Contact Agribank’s Operations Centre through FX managing Department




-          Agribank’s General Director defines investment limit applicable to Agribank’s Operations Centre

-          Register to use this service with opening market on NVTTTT programmer or directly contact Securities company, Securities Operations Centre.

-          After approved, data will be entered in to IPCAS by Agribank’s Operations Centre

-          Profit and stop loss limit in forex dealing of Agribank’s Operations Centre is decided by Chairman of Board of Directors.

-          Transaction principle: safe, effective, subject to FX dealing limit; ensure liquidity of the Agribank and maintain foreign currency balance adapted to the Sate bank’s rule for a certain period.

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