Interest rate swap
(Updated at 16:47, 11/8/2010)
Interest rate swap is an agreement between Agribank and other financial institutions on exchange flexible interest rate to receive fixed interest rate on a certain money amount. This service is applicable to financial institutions and non financial institutions.

Main features:


-          Generally, each party’s money amount is netted and the different amount will be paid by the party having more debt.

-          Interest rate swap is decided based on the movement of the market and is the reflection of fixed interest rate accepted by the market to change the amount payable for flexible interest rate.

-          In a normal Interest rate swap contract, flexible interest rate will be fixed several days before interest term starts.

-          Interest rate will be fixed on an early defined day and payment will be made on the last day of the term (…)

-          Interest rate swap is to prevent interest risk, meet the demand of liquidity and to regulate capital source in the short term.




-          Transaction will be rapidly completed through Reuters system, fax, SWIFT or inter-bank electric remittance because Agribank is the member of banking association with 10-year experience of joining inter-bank.

-          Director of Agribank’s Operations Centre defines transaction limit applicable to FX Department of Agribank’s Operations Centre and each of its officers

-          Transaction principle: safe, effective, subject to FX dealing limit and ensure liquidity of the Agribank and maintain foreign currency balance adapted to the Sate bank’s rule for a certain period.


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