Acquisition of other companies (M&A)
(Updated at 11:27, 12/8/2010)
Acquisition of other companies (M & A) is Agribank’s repurchase all or capital contribution to buy shares of other companies which are operating or about to be dissolved. This service applies to the Joint-stock companies, Limited companies, investment funds, credit institutions, projects, securities companies, fund management companies.
Investment rate by Agribank

-          For enterprises, investment funds, credit institutions or investment projects: 11% capital of partners

-          For banks: shall not participate in the establishment of two with capital contributed up to 10% of charter capital of banks

-          For securities companies, fund management companies: 5% if already owned 10% of equity capital contribution or voting capital contribution

-          Commercial investments beyond or outside the prescribed rate to submit to the State Bank of Vietnam.


Assets for contribution

-          VND, USD, gold, foreign currency freely convertible, value of the land use right or land rent, the value of intellectual property rights


Distribution channel


-          Direct


-          Agribank’s data entry and tracking of portfolio on IPCAS system.


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