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Money transfer service from Korea via Kookmin Bank
(Updated at 13:52, 24/4/2017)
Kookmin Bank is one of the largest banks in Korea with 1,400 branches and more than 10,000 ATMs and is currently working with Agribank to provide remittance services to Vietnamese people who live, study and work here. In order to use money transfer services at Kookmin Bank, customers are required to have an account at Kookmin Bank. Customers could either choose one of the following three money transfer services:
1. 10-digit code type:
Advantages: The recipient will receive the money immediately within 1-2h after customers complete the money transfer process.
Documents required:
* For customers transferring money: Passport / valid residence card and payroll (for employees who reside there).
* For recipient: identity card or valid passport.
Forwarding Currency: USD, KRW.
Receiving Currency: USD or VND.
Transfer limit: a transaction under 7000 USD / day, less than 50,000 USD / year. To switch over 50,000 USD, customers must provide the necessary documentation to prove their income and earlier statement of cash transfers in South Korea.
Procedures (to receive): Clients must go to Agribank to provide the following documents and information:
- Identity card or passport
- The MTCN provided by senders.
2. Transfer money via automated teller machines (ATMs):
For this method, customers must register for ATM money transfer service, then they can make transfers at any ATMs of Kookmin Bank
Operating time: from 3 am until 11 pm at night.
Money transfer limit: No more than 5000USD per transfer, no more than 30 million won/day and no more than $ 50,000/year.
3. Wise Method (Automatic money transfer service):
As a form of automatic money transfer service, customers have to register at the counter only 01 times. With this method, the sender can set the time, amount, rate, and detailed information about the recipient with periodical remittance cycle (daily or monthly) with the name of the bank as Agribank . As to the period, the amount will automatically be transferred to the recipient's account at Agribank
For questions relating to money transfer service, please contact:
Agribank Remittance Service Center
Number 135 – Lac Long Quan – Tay Ho – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Phone: (084) 37722793/37722794 4
Fax: (084) 4 37722795  
Website :

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