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Money transfer service from Taiwan through Chang Hwa Bank
(Updated at 13:56, 24/4/2017)
Chang Hwa Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Taiwan carried out in cooperation with Agribank to provide remittance services to Vietnam communities living and working in Taiwan.
Advantages: The recipient will receive the money immediately within 1-2h customers since completing the transfer of money, the recipient does not incur any fees to receive money.
Documents required:
* For customers transferring money: Passport / valid residence card and payroll (for employees who reside there).
* For recipient: identity card or valid passport.
Forwarding Currency: USD, TW Dollar.
Receiving Currency: USD or VND.
Transfer limit: $ 15,000 / transaction. For deposit larger than $ 500,000 (TW Dollar) or USD with equivalent value, the sender must declare under the form of the Central Bank of Taiwan.
Procedures (to receive): Clients must go to Agribank to provide the following documents and information:
- Identity card or passport
- Remittance Information provided by the sender

For questions relating to money transfer service, please contact:
Agribank Remittance Service Center
Number 135 – Lac Long Quan – Tay Ho – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Phone: (084) 37722793/37722794 4
Fax: (084) 4 37722795   
Website : 

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