Individual Customers
Remittance Savings Service
(Updated at 10:7, 6/7/2017)
A product of non-periodic savings deposit for individual customers, especially for who go to work, or study abroad and have the needs of savings to accumulate for themselves or for their relatives for future financial purposes.
1. Customer can actively deposit money several times non-periodically; with the amount of deposit each time is not fixed.
2. Multiple distribution channels: making direct transactions at the counter, receiving money directly into account via mobile phone (ABMT), transferring via E-Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, transferring money directly into remittance savings account
3. Flexible deposit time
4. Flexible deposit amount
5. Customer can send and withdraw at multiple locations
6. Maximize your profitability from accumulated capital
7. Preferential exchange rate when selling foreign currency or converting foreign currency for savings
8. Benefit periodical interests and adjusted interests as soon as interest rate fluctuates
9. Use your remittance savings account balance to prove your financial ability to your clients or relatives
10. Insured by the provisions of the Deposit Insurance
11. Accrue bonus points for remittance service (customers will be able to accumulate points after Agribank's remittance accumulation program is implemented)
12. Minimum initial deposit: 500,000VND (Five hundred thousand VND); 20USD (Twenty US Dollars); 20EUR (Twenty Euros)
Registration procedure:
Customer brings identification papers/ passport/ ID card to register directly at any Agribank branches and complete the procedures stipulated by Agribank.
If you have any questions about products or need further instructions, please contact any nearest Agribank branches or Agribank transaction locations nationwide.
Contact to:
Agribank Payment and Remittance Service Center
Number 135 – Lac Long Quan – Tay Ho – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Phone: (0824) 37722793/37722794
Fax: (0824) 4 37722795   

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