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International bank-to-bank money transfer
(Updated at 10:57, 7/7/2017)
With an extensive network of correspondent banks across the world, Agribank is ready to meet the needs for money transfer of customers to anywhere for lawful purposes that are allowed by the State Bank of Vietnam.

The service “International bank-to-bank money transfer” of Agribank applies to customers who wish to transfer money abroad to serve the following purposes:


-          To pay for expenses for study and medical treatment for one selves or their relatives;

-          To go abroad for work, travel, visit;

-          To pay fees, charges to foreign countries;

-          To send money to relatives overseas;

-          To transfer money to heirs who are abroad;

-          To reside overseas;

-          Other money transfer purposes.


Type of foreign currency


-          Customers can request Agribank to transfer money with strong foreign currencies such as GBP, AUD, SGD, USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, HKD, etc.

-          Customers can deposit money for transfer in foreign currencies directly at Agribank branches or request the bank to sell foreign currencies (if any) to transfer abroad.

Documents for money transfer


-   Transferring money to relatives abroad:
     +    Oiginal papers or photocopies showing purposes of transfer

     +    Papers to prove family relationship

     +    ID/passport (original and still valid)


-    Transferring money for one selves:

     +    Oiginal papers or photocopies showing purposes of transfer
     +    ID/passport

Kindly view Documents for money transfer and Procedures here

Service charges


Agribank service fees are at competitive rates compared with other commercial banks. Customers see details here



For questions relating to money transfer service, please contact:
Agribank Payment and Remittance Service Center
Number 135 – Lac Long Quan – Tay Ho – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Phone: (0824) 37722793/37722794
Fax: (0824) 4 37722795  

(Customers see our detailed Agribank branch/transaction office network here)

Or click here to view several FAQs related to transfer service.

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