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Agribank donated VND 60 billion to the Vaccine Fund for COVID-19 prevention and control


Responding to the call of the Prime Minister, at the Launching Ceremony of the Vaccine Fund for COVID-19 Prevention and Control recently, Agribank donated VND 60 billion to the Fund with the desire to soon bring vaccines to all people, contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, the banking industry, including the State Bank of Vietnam and commercial banks, has supported the Vaccine Fund with a budget of VND 700 billion.

Earlier, during this 4th wave of COVID-19, Agribank has also donated more than VND 28 billion to support localities, frontline hospitals, frontline forces, etc. in the prevention and control of the pandemic. Thus, since complicated developments of COVID-19 in 2020 to date, Agribank has supported VND 116 billion for the prevention and control of the pandemic.

In addition, Agribank continues to effectively implement solutions to support customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As of the end of April 2021, total amount of Agribank's outstanding loans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was of nearly VND 171 trillion. Agribank has implemented solutions according to Circular 01 with more than 34 trillion dong.

In order to support customers to pay for the purchase of agricultural products, ensure the circulation of goods in epidemic areas, and support customers to make electronic payments during the complicated development of outbreaks of the pandemic, Agribank has implemented fee-free money transfer services for transactions made on Internet Banking and over-the-counter.

Agribank affirms its agreement with the Government's consistent spirit of finding ways and mobilizing all resources of the society, domestic and international organizations and individuals, regardless of the amount of contributions to have funds to buy vaccines for the people.

This is also an opportunity to show the strength of national unity and the affection, solidarity, support and assistance of international friends and partners; show respect, proper use, publicity and transparency of contributions of the people and international friends.

Supporting the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund continues to show Agribank's responsibility to always be at the forefront of social welfare movements and activities for the community. With the determination to work with the Government and the unanimous sharing of domestic and international organizations and individuals, Agribank believes that the prevention and control of COVID-19 will continue to be effective, the pandemic will be quickly brought under control and that life would return to normal.


Kylie Nguyen

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