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In January, industrial production increased by more than 22%


According to General Statistics Office, industrial production continued to flourish, in addition, the number of working days in January this year higher than the previous year, so the industrial production index in January 2021 is estimated to increase 22, 2% compared to January 2020; in which, the processing and manufacturing increased by 27.2%; electricity production and distribution increased by 16.3%; water supply, waste and wastewater management and treatment increased by 8.4%; only the mining industry decreased by 6.2%.

Among industries, a number of key industries had a strong increase in January's production index compared to the same period last year; i.e., metal production increased by 48.7%; electrical equipment production increased by 42.2%; manufacturing electronic products, computers and optical products increased by 38%; motor vehicle manufacturing increased by 36.9%; production of beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs increased by 34.4%; production of other non-metallic mineral products increased by 32.7%; production of products from prefabricated metal increased by 32.6%, etc.

Besides, a number of industries with slight increases or decreases such as: clothing industry increased by 9.9%; drainage and wastewater treatment increased by 6.3%; water supply and treatment increased by 4.2%; manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products increased by 3.8%; crude oil and natural gas extraction decreased by 13.8%, etc.

A number of major industrial products in January 2021 with a high increase compared to the same period last year were television of all kinds with 106.2% increase; phone components with 71.5% increased; rolled steel increased by 63.4%; iron and crude steel increased by 38.8%; car increased by 38.2%; cement increased by 35.8%; fabrics made of natural fibers increased by 35.6%; powdered milk increased by 31.1%, etc.

A number of products with slight increases or decreases compared to the same period last year: Urea fertilizer increased by 4.4%; commercial drinking water increased by 3.7%; crude oil exploitation decreased by 12.5%; natural gas in the form of gas decreased by 15.1%; gasoline of all kinds decreased by 52.4%, etc.

The number of employees working in industrial enterprises as of January 1, 2021 increased by 1.1% from the same period last month and decreased by 1.4% from the same period last year, of which employees in the State-owned enterprise sector decreased by 1.7%; non-state enterprises decreased by 2.5%; enterprises with foreign investment decreased by 0.8%.


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