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Seafood exports to CPTPP countries increased sharply


According to statistics in January 2021, Vietnam's seafood exports reached over USD 606 million, an increase of 23.4% over the same period last year, but according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), there is a special thing that exports to the CPTPP countries increased sharply, up to 34%.

VASEP noted that one of the reasons for the increase in exports over the same period was due to the Lunar New Year holiday, but the 23.4% growth rate is considered a positive signal for Vietnam's seafood exports, which is reflected in the increase in exports of pangasius (21.7%), other ocean fishes (+ 46%), whiteleg shrimp (32.5%), and bivalve mollusks (+43%).

As for the export markets, the results in January also showed positive signals for the US (+ 25.6%), Russia (+ 72%), Taiwan (+ 60%). In particular, exports to countries in the CPTPP agreement increased by 34%, of which to Australia increased by 105%, Japan increased by 25%, Mexico increased by 68%.

Exports to other markets in January 2021 all increased compared to the same period in 2020, but the growth is not seen as positive because the year before the Lunar New Year falls in January.

In January 2021, a number of products with outstanding growth such as frozen pangasius fillet (code HS030462) increased by 53% and was the leading product code in terms of export value, accounting for 17% of total seafood export value. Followed by processed whiteleg shrimp (PTO, PDTO, etc.) increased by 47% and accounted for 9% of export value; Headless fresh/frozen whiteleg shrimp, block, PTO, PDTO (code HS 03061721) increased by 39% and accounted for 7.4%, fish ball, surimi (HS code 0304990) increased by 58% and accounted for 6.8%; peeled fresh/frozen white shrimp, head off (HS code 03061722) increased by 56% and accounted for 5.2%.

Many other products with high growth (41- 84%) such as frozen octopus (cut/whole); frozen fillets/chunks (mackerel, sea bass, marlin, saba, etc.); Processed fish with dried fish, seasoned fish, breaded fish, etc.

Especially, there are some seafood products of Vietnam in very high demand in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore the export value in January achieved a breakthrough, in which, whole fish, frozen or sliced pangasius ​​butterfly (HS code 03032400) increased by 163%, dried squid increased by 118%, dried fish with HS codes 03055990 increased by 226%, pasteurized crab meat, canned crab meat increased increased by 242%, etc.


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