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Africa is Vietnam's leading rice export market


According to data from the General Department of Customs, in 2023, Vietnam's rice exports to the African region reached 1.3 million tons, worth USD 788.4 million, an increase of 6.3% in volume and an increase of 27.7% in value compared to 2022.

With this result, Africa continues to be Vietnam's second largest rice export market after Asia with a proportion of 17%.

In 2023, Vietnam exported rice to 31/54 African countries. Of which, Ghana is the largest market, accounting for 44% of Vietnam's total rice exports to Africa with a volume of 587,662 tons, an increase of 33% compared to 2022.

Ranked second is Ivory Coast with 512,604 tons, accounting for 38.3% of the market share. But compared to 2022, rice exports to this market have decreased by 22%.

In total, the two markets mentioned above account for about 82% of Vietnam's rice exports to the African region.

In addition, Vietnam's other leading rice import markets in Africa include Mozambique, Gabon, Togo, Tanzania, Senegal, South Africa. Notably, the volume of rice exported to these markets all increased sharply at two to three digits compared to 2022.

Tight global supply due to India - the world's largest rice exporter - imposing export restrictions has forced countries in the African region to turn to other suppliers, including Vietnam.

The main types of rice imported by African countries include fragrant rice, white rice and broken rice. In 2023, fragrant rice types (Jasmine, DT8, etc.) accounted for more than 61% of Vietnam's total rice exports to Africa and white rice about 38.3%, the remaining is a small percentage of other types of rice.

However, market demand is shifting as the amount of imported fragrant rice has decreased by 24.3% compared to 2022 to 821,460 tons, while white rice has tripled to 513,787 tons.

Africa's rice production is forecast to not be able to keep up with the growth in rice consumption demand and the region's population growth.

Meanwhile, the fact that India - the largest rice exporter to Africa - continues to impose export restrictions is said to be opening up great opportunities for other leading suppliers, including Vietnam – the third largest rice exporter to Africa with a market share of about 8 - 8.5%/year.


Kylie Nguyen

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