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Exports to the US in the first 11 months of 2020 achieved good growth


According to calculations from the General Department of Customs, Vietnam's exports to the US in the first 11 months of 2020 increased by 24.8% over the same period in 2019, reaching USD 69.38 billion.

In November 2020 alone, the turnover decreased by 8.4% compared to October 2020, but increased by 32.2% compared to November 2019, reaching over USD 7.02 billion.

Textile; computers, electronic products and components; devices; phones and accessories; footwear; timber and wood products, etc. are the main commodity groups exported to the US.

Leading in turnover is textiles and garments group with USD 12.64 billion, decreased by 6% over the same period last year and accounting for 18.2% of total export turnover of Vietnamese goods to the US.

Export of machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts to the US increased strongly by 133.6% over the same period, and ranked second in turnover, reaching USD 10.58 billion, accounting for 15.2% of the total turnover. Followed by groups of computers, electronic products and components with USD 9.4 billion, an increase of 75%, accounting for 13.6%; turnover of phones and accessories reached USD 8.28 billion, decreased by 2%, accounting for 11.9%; timber and wood products reached USD 6.37 billion, an increase of 34%, accounting for 9.2%; Footwear of all kinds reached USD 5.64 billion, decreased by 5.4%, accounting for 8.1%.

In terms of the growth in exports of goods to the US in the first 11 months of the year, most key commodity groups increased in turnover over the same period in 2019; However, there are a number of commodity groups with not high turnover but a strong increase over the same period last year such as: animal feed and raw materials increased by 134.6%, reaching USD 101.97 million; Toys and sports equipment increased by 82.8%, reaching USD 1.48 billion; Plastic products increased by 58%, reaching USD 973.49 million; Electric wires and cables increased 63.4%, reaching USD 476.6 million.

In contrast, exports plummeted in the following commodity groups: Iron and steel of all kinds decreased by 48.5%, reaching USD 152.52 million; Bags, purses, suitcases, hats and umbrellas decreased by 20.8%, reaching USD 1.15 billion; Curtain fabrics, technical fabrics decreased by 53.8%, reaching USD 81.17 million.


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