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Vietnam's import and export turnover in 2021 increased by more than USD 100 billion


Vietnam's import and export turnover in 2021 reached USD 668.55 billion, an increase of more than USD 100 billion compared to 2020.

In 2021, the total import and export turnover of the country reached  USD 668.55 billion according to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs on the import and export situation of goods that have just been announced.

In which, exports reached more than  USD 336.3 billion, an increases of 19% compared to 2020; imports reached  USD 332.2 billion, an increase of 26.5% compared to 2020. With the above results, Vietnam had a trade surplus of more than  USD 4 billion.

In 2021, the whole country has 8 export commodity groups with a turnover of  USD 10 billion or more, an increase of 2 groups compared to 2020. The two new groups that have reached the milestone of USD 10 billion are iron and steel with 13.1 million tons, turnover of USD 11.8 billion, an increase of 32.9% in volume but a sharp increase of 124.3 % in turnover; The remaining group of goods is means of transport and spare parts with USD 10.62 billion, an increase of 16.8% over the previous year.

Meanwhile, phones and components still hold the number one position with USD 57.54 billion, an increase of 12.4% compared to 2020.

On the other hand, there are 6 groups of imports with a turnover of 10 billion USD or more. In which, the largest is computers, electronic products and components with 75.44 billion USD, an increase of 17.9% compared to 2020.

Notably, if export turnover is included, computers, electronic products and components are the first group of import and export goods of the whole country with a scale of USD 100 billion or more (exports reached USD 50.83 billion).

With the scale of turnover achieved in 2021, if this year only needs to maintain a growth rate of about 10%, the whole country's import and export in 2022 will surpass USD 700 billion.

Appreciating Vietnam's export growth opportunities in 2022, Mr. Andrew Jeffries - Asian Development Bank (ADB) country director said that Vietnam's industries with strong growth potential in 2022 include: electronics; computer; devices; textile; footwear; iron and steel; agriculture, fishery... The strong "flow" of foreign direct investment (FDI) into these manufacturing industries plus domestic capital has created a strong supply capacity in the global production chain.


Kylie Nguyen

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